We’d love to have you join us at Westward.

We allow for a limited number of reservations each day. For parties of six or fewer, all available tables can be reserved online through this webpage or the OpenTable app. We encourage larger groups to have reservations. For parties of seven to ten, please email our reservationist at or call us at 206.552.8215.

There are no more large party events available for the month of August

When booking reservations, we average an hour and 45 minutes for parties of two, and two hours and 15 minutes for larger parties. If you believe your party will need more time, please let us know in advance and we will accommodate the best we can. We kindly ask that you call us if you are unable to arrive on time for your table, or if the size of your party has changed. Circumstances may not allow for us to honor your reservation beyond the reserved time or party size.

If you wish to be seated at one of our communal patio or atrium tables, please make a request in the notes of your reservation. Due to the large volume of requests of this nature, we can’t make any guarantees except that we will do our absolute best to accommodate. If you would like to ensure patio seating for a special occasion, some patio space can be reserved with a contract, deposit and minimum. Please contact our Event Director at for more information.


For more information on some of the details about dining at Westward, including questions about our food, accommodations of dietary restrictions, ownership, design, parking, dress code, catering, corkage, and other questions, head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page.